So on Friday i got to work with a local photographer to see if I’m interested in interning with her this summer! I helped her with a newborn Photoshoot, for a 7 day of baby names Lilo! A character from My favorite Disney movie, of all things. I’m now super excited to help her all summer, and don’t want to think about the class I’m taking and finding and getting a job. Ugh, why is it so hard to find a decent job. Why can’t someone hire me to screen print t shirts, or print photos in a dark room. I want those jobs. Stress. 2 notes

I miss parks and rec

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i remember song lyrics from my favorite songs 5 years ago but i don’t remember what i learned in school yesterday

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In which Spiderman becomes the Internet.

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If you’re gonna keep being cute then you’ll have to kiss me, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

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So my girlfriends sock was lying on the ground inside out and I was afraid I’d wake her up from laughing so hard.

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